Developing a close bond with your baby provides a healthy start for your relationship and it’s great for your baby’s brain development! Here are some simple ways you can increase your connection to your baby and strengthen your baby’s brain power. Cuddle time. Everyone needs hugs, but especially babies! Holding your baby and forming a… [Continue Reading]

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When life gives you lemons, do you make lemonade? Or do you let it squirt in your eye and start to cry? The way you handle a crisis or react when things don’t go your way can make the difference between a bad situation that can throw you deep into depression, or one where you… [Continue Reading]

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The gluten-free diet is becoming increasingly popular. Started for those with celiac disease, some are finding it helps them if they have wheat intolerance, or just to be healthier in general and lose weight. So what is a gluten-free diet? Simply put, gluten-free (aka GF) means you cut out things that contain wheat, barley, rye… [Continue Reading]

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“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” –Warren Buffett Nurturing your child’s interests is often like planting a tree – the seed is sown years before the tree grows into something magnificent. In this case, your child’s interests are nurtured from an early age, then blossom… [Continue Reading]

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Learning to Chill “Slow down. This ain’t the Mainland” is a quote often seen on the Hawaiian Islands. For those of us who live on Maui, doing life on “island time” is more feasible than in other parts of the world, but we still face daily struggles that cause stress levels to rise and we… [Continue Reading]