How to Discipline Your Child

The truth is there does not need to be a consequence or punishment other than your clear unchangeable message. If you make yourself consistently very clear about what you expect, then that’s all you can do. You cannot directly control what your child does. If they challenge what you expect, they are either testing boundaries,… [Continue Reading]

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Being The New Kid In School

Starting at a new school can sometimes be a difficult transition for both you and your child. There is a new school layout to learn, new teachers and new faces. In order to make it an easier situation, talk with your child about their feelings in regards to the change. Put a positive light on… [Continue Reading]

Choosing a School

Healthy School Year

Every parent hopes for healthy children, but as the school year begins, inevitably so do coughs and colds. Try to keep your kids in good health by practicing excellent hygiene routines at home. Teach them to wash their hands frequently, especially prior to eating and after going to the bathroom. Start off their day with… [Continue Reading]

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Motivate Your Child to Learn

Your child thinks school is “Boring!” and on the weekends she only wants to spend time with friends or watch TV. How do you reignite her love of learning? Learning something new makes us feel competent, a positive feeling that is a powerful motivator to continue learning. Parents can create conditions that foster competence and… [Continue Reading]


5 Tips for Making the School Bus a Fun Trip Day After Day

Sending your little one on the school bus for the first time can be a tad bit scary. Buses are big, they don’t have seat belts, and the kids outnumber the driver by a lot. Before your child starts to ride the bus, go over the ground rules and let him or her know what… [Continue Reading]