Ear Infections

Back to school and the colder months tend to be the toughest when it comes to childhood illnesses. “During this time we tend to have more infectious diseases, so usually you have more colds which create congestion in the respiratory airway and tend to block the Eustachian tube,” said Dr. Pierre Langeron, pediatrician at Kihei Wailea… [Continue Reading]

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Are You Ready For Another Baby?

From online quizzes to nosy strangers, it seems that someone is always asking the question, “When are you going to have another baby?” Despite the very personal nature of this question, it continues to be asked. Sometimes you are simply asking yourself, “Am I ready for another baby?” While there is no cut and dry… [Continue Reading]

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Preventing Sports Injuries in Children

Preventing Sports Injuries in Children As the first half of school comes to a close and children are gearing up for championships – cross country races, soccer titles, and gymnastics meets, there are a growing number of sports related injuries that range from small cuts to concussions. Getting back into the game is important for… [Continue Reading]

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The Importance of Infant Bonding

From the moment you receive a positive pregnancy test, it begins. The worries about your baby; the wonder about their future; and the questions about what kind of parent you will be. All of this is very normal, and even the most seasoned parents experience a barrage of emotions and questions with each pregnancy. These… [Continue Reading]

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Sleepover Survival Guide

Sleepover Survival Guide Ahh, the sweet tradition of the “sleepover” brings joy to the heart of your child, and possibly a bit of fear to yours! I remember my own late nights with friends, watching movies, creating dance routines, filming pretend commercials (yeah, on an old school big video camera, too!) and eating junk food… [Continue Reading]